Facts and figures

Owner-occupied homes account for about 60% of the total housing stock. The crisis in the Eurozone adversely affected the owner-occupied market. But, since 2013, the market has strongly recovered both in terms of house prices and in the number of transactions and consumer confidence. The number of transactions has recovered to pre-crisis levels and consumer confidence in the Dutch housing market is historically high. Prices are still below their pre-crisis peak.

The Dutch mortgage credit market has a total volume of 658 billion Euros. In 2015, the yearly mortgage production was about 63 billion Euros; this number is expected to grow. The average mortgage amount is about 245,000 Euros.

Price index of existing owner-occupied homes, 2010 = 100 (Statistics Netherlands)

Number of transactions of existing owner-occupied homes (Statistics Netherlands)

VEH market indicator: consumer confidence Dutch housing market (TU Delft, VEH)

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