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Mortgage Event 2017

From February 14-15, the annual Mortgage Event (Hypotheken Event 2017) was held in Utrecht. During this two-day conference the entire Dutch mortgage industry get together for the lateste mortgage trends and developments. The conference was kicked off with presentations from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Amsterdam School of Real Estate. 

Wouter Schilperoort (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations) discussed the important challenges for the mortgage market. One of these challenges is in the area of funding. The Dutch mortgage portfolio had a volume of €625 billion in mid-2016. DNB expects this volume to increase to €800-875 billion in the next 10 years. This prediction is based on a set of expectations:

  • It is expected that the stock of owner-occupied homes will steadily increase.
  • Housing prices will continue to rise.
  • Elderly homeowners that leave behind a home have significantly lower mortgage debts than first-time buyers.

Dutch pension funds take an increasing share of new mortgages, but there is also plenty of room for foreign entrants.

Frans Schilder (Amsterdam School of Real Estate) Frans Schilder van de Amsterdam School of Real Estate spoke about demographics. His expectation is that the Dutch population will continue to grow until 2040 and that the strong demand for housing remains. 

Mid-2016 Jungo received a license from the AFM to mediate in mortgages that are partly funded by crowd funding. Daan Dijkhuizen (Topicus) and Vincent van den Noort (Jungo) talked about their journey and the hurdles that they have encountered. Jungo expects to originate its first mortgage around the summer. 

During a debate issues such as proactive management and aftercare were discussed. In an international perspective, Dutch homeowners have a very good payment moral. Arrears on mortgages and foreclosures are rare. Nonetheless, the sector realizes that every foreclosure is one too many. During the debate dos and don’ts and experiences were shared.

Visit the IIR Mortgage Event website for more information.