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Development middle segment of the housing market

The demand for non-regulated rental housing is increasing. A well-functioning non-regulated segment of the housing market is important to serve households who prefer flexibility or who don’t have access to the regulated rental market or to owner-occupied housing. The non-regulated housing market is historically small, especially the number of rental houses with monthly rents between 710-1000 Euros, also known as the middle segment.

Matching between demand and supply on the housing market naturally occurs locally. If necessary, the central government can take measures to stimulate developments. Stef Blok, Minister for Housing and the Central Government Sector, has informed the parliament about the latest developments concerning the formation of a middle segment. Several supporting measures were announced:

  • Together with the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment, Minister Blok is investigating the different options to incorporate non-regulated housing as a separate category in the zoning plan of municipalities.
  • The WWS, a point system that determines the maximum rent is adapted for the Amsterdam en Utrecht region. Due to this change small studios and apartments can more quickly enter the non-regulated market.
  • January 2017, a team starts that aims to stimulate collaboration on the development of the middle segment.