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Dutch and foreign investors are eager to invest in real estate, also in the mid-priced housing sector. “This is a stable investment with a reliable return. And at low risk.”

Interested in investing in non-regulated and affordable rental housing in the Netherlands? Over the next few weeks, this website will provide information on the mid-priced rental sector in the Netherlands.

A record amount of 5 billion euros is being invested in rental housing in the Netherlands in 2017. This is an annual 20% rise and three times what it was five years ago.

According to a recent report published by ING Bank, only 4% of all homeowners in the Netherlands have a hard time meeting their monthly mortgage obligations. This makes the Netherlands the best scoring country of those evaluated.

Would you like to know more about Dutch companies in the mortgage and real estate sector? Then take a look at this new section of Dutch Housing.

From February 14-15, the annual Mortgage Event (Hypotheken Event 2017) was held in Utrecht. During this two-day conference the entire Dutch mortgage industry get together for the lateste mortgage trends and developments. The conference was kicked off with presentations from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and the Amsterdam School of Real Estate. 

Pension funds and insurers have made a move on the Netherlands’ €660bn home loan market, bypassing traditional lenders. In 2012 no bank, it seemed, was lending money to people who wanted to buy a home. 

The demand for non-regulated rental housing is increasing. A well-functioning non-regulated segment of the housing market is important to serve households who prefer flexibility or who don’t have access to the regulated rental market or to owner-occupied housing. The non-regulated housing market is historically small, especially the number of rental houses with monthly rents between 710-1000 Euros, also known as the middle segment.

Existing owner-occupied homes were 6.0 percent more expensive in August than in August 2015. This is the biggest increase in 14 years. House prices have been increasing since June 2014. House sales have increased with 21.3 percent to 132,910 houses in the first eight months of this year.

Fund Investment Management (IM Fund) buys a total of 226 apartments in a new-build location, Holland Park, in Diemen-Zuid. The bought apartments are designated for the non-regulated rental market.