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Network about Real Estate

Below you can find profiles of associations and organisations that are industry representatives active in the Dutch real estate market.

Are you representing an organisation that is not listed? Please feel free to contact us

Bouwend Nederland represents about 4300 affiliated construction and infrastructure companies and is therefore by far  the biggest employers’ organization in the construction and infrastructure industries in The Netherlands. We are a highly professional association promoting the interests of our member companies and providing support and advice to them, as they seek to develop themselves and the products/services they provide.

Holland Property Plaza (HPP) is an independent  real estate marketing and well-known network organization. With a proven track record of more than 30 years of international building and real estate experience on the part of the founders of Holland Property Plaza, HPP is the most prominent organisation to offer interested parties direct access to the top of the Dutch real estate market.  

The Association of Institutional Property Investors in the Netherlands (IVBN) is the membership organisation for the professional and institutional real estate industry in the Netherlands.  IVBN represents real estate asset managers, predominantly working for institutional investors i.e. pension funds, insurance companies and banks. They invest in housing, offices, retail and industrial objects. 

NVB is a modern association for professional projectdevelopers and (developing) construction companies in the Netherlands. “Short lines and fast switching”, that's our motto. We do that in terms of interests and legal services, but also in conducting market research and inspiring our members.

The association is a branche organization on behalf of the small-medium and large private investors in real estate held for rental in the Netherlands. The main objective of the association is to create a sustainable investment climate in which a decent profit on investment can be achieved.