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Profile and objectives

The Association of Institutional Property Investors in the Netherlands (IVBN) is the membership organisation for, and the voice of, the professional and institutional real estate industry in the Netherlands.  IVBN represents real estate asset managers, predominantly working for domestic and foreign institutional investors i.e. pension funds, insurance companies, banks and for real estate funds and companies (which may or may not be listed). IVBN’s members jointly represent approximately €50 billion of investments in Dutch property and about the same volume of investments worldwide. They sustainably invest in housing, offices, retail and industrial objects and other property, including car parks and healthcare real estate. Membership of IVBN is open to real estate asset managers and larger (institutional) property investors with a substantial (> €100 million) direct and/or indirect property portfolio, and if they have a local office in the Netherlands.

Mission of IVBN is to promote the investment climate for real estate in the Netherlands. Objectives are:

  • Furthering professionalism, transparency, integrity and innovation in the sector;
  • Promoting common interests of the members;
  • Stimulating proper functioning of the Dutch real estate market;
  • Being the interlocutor for local regional and national authorities and supervising authorities;
  • Stimulating preservation and adapting the existing real estate stock to current needs;
  • Emphasizing the social significance of investing in real estate.

Institutional investors and the Dutch housing market

IVBN’s members currently rent out approximately 135.000 rental dwellings in the Netherlands. The core segment of institutional investors is the rental segment between €600 and €1000 and in the major cities €1200 (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht). For their new investments they focus on free market rentals in the urban areas and economic growth regions of the Netherlands. This free rental market starts at €710 euro per month. Demand in the free rental market and in particular in the €700 - €1000 segment is high due to socio-economic and demographic shifts. IVBN promotes the creation of a more substantial free rental housing market and advocates reforms for a better functioning housing market. In particular to ascertain more market related rents in the regulated sector (< €710 per month); to prevent market distortion by housing agencies in commercial real estate markets and to eliminate the landlord tax for institutional investors in the regulated sector.

Contact details

Association of Institutional Property Investors in the Netherlands (IVBN)
WTC The Hague, Tower E, 21st floor
Prinses Margrietplantsoen 84-A
2595 BR The Hague
The Netherlands
Tel 0031 (0)70 3000371