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Dynamic Credit

Dynamic Credit is one of the leading and most successful asset managers and direct lending firms in Europe. Dynamic Credit believes that a better matching of savings and credit in an economy leads to a more prosperous society. Dynamic Credit has over €10 billion in mortgage mandates and has originated over 50.000 loans in the Netherlands.

Dynamic Credit has substance, is unique and has done it before:

  • Has substance: First mover in mortgage investment mandates in March 2014, now largest at over €10 billion in mandates and RMBS (DCDML 2016-1). Reached over 5% market share in new production.
  • Is unique: Only mortgage company with full online-platform. Has completely transformed the mortgage process and product.
  • Has done it before: current clients include Dutch pension funds, insurance companies, banks and the capital market

Dynamic Credit’s Loan Investment Platform provides investors tailored ways to invest through different structures, such as an Mortgage Bond, Mortgage Fund, warehouse or directly on the balance sheet. Reporting is tailored towards the needs of different investors. Investors are in full control over their investment when investing in Dutch mortgage loans through our Loan Investment Platform. Our Loan Investment Platform is unrivalled in the liquidity options for investors, with flexible exit options embedded in documentation and operation, including the LoanClear marketplace. This platform is the first loan portfolio market place to facilitate liquidity in illiquid loan portfolios.

The  Dynamic Credit Loan Investment Platform offers investors access to new mortgage loan origination in the segments of choice. This way, each investor has its own portfolio of individual loans with the characteristics that match the profile sought. Pension funds can for instance get longer fixed rate periods and higher LTV’s, insurance companies long fixed rate periods and lower LTV’s and banks shorter fixed rate periods.

Our client base includes (Dutch) pension funds, insurance companies, banks and the capital market, thus ensuring multiple funding sources, intra-investor loan trading and a robust operating model. Through our online mortgage borrower platform, we are the only provider of mortgage mandates to ensure true duty of care to borrowers throughout the life of the loan (any party with only an intermediary channel cannot do this).

As the first mover in mortgage investment mandates in March 2014, Dynamic Credit is now the largest with over €10 billion in mandates, serving 50,000 clients. In addition Dynamic Credit has closed the first Dutch direct lending RMBS (DCDML 2016-I). As the only mortgage provider with a full online mortgage borrower platform bijBouwe, we are able to have both online and intermediary channel distribution, with a proven market reach and distribution power: over 5% market share in new production.

Dynamic Credit is currently setting up new direct lending propositions in the Netherlands, such as a Buy-To-Let. Dynamic Credit is aiming to provide loans to the Dutch residential sector issuing smaller sized loans between €100.000 and €5 million. For institutional investors Buy-To-Let loans offer attractive risk adjusted returns in a market that is currently underserved by banks. 


Daan Potjer
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