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Dutch Mortgage Funding Company (DMFCO)

DMFCO is the independent investment manager in Dutch residential mortgages. We have no links to any bank, insurance company, servicer or distribution party. We provide institutional investors with the opportunity to directly invest in Dutch residential mortgages. We provide value to institutional investors through our extensive experience and knowledge and we can advise on all aspects of the Dutch residential mortgage market, origination of new mortgages, and mortgage management processes. DMFCO aims to be the best Dutch residential mortgage lender. We achieve this by focusing exclusively on activities related to Dutch residential mortgages.

DMFCO’s business model is characterized by co-operation with the most efficient market parties with a proven track record. All primary functions, such as portfolio and risk management, product development, distribution and marketing are in the expert hands of the experienced DMFCO team. DMFCO is a party with broad experience in the mortgage market. We pride ourselves in establishing a pleasant working relationship with our investors based on transparency and mutual trust. We provide all the services and information to our investors to make sound investment decisions, including a wide variety of reports and we answer to any question. We are highly accessible to our investors and are always happy to provide assistance on any issue regarding mortgages portfolios.

Investing in new mortgages is originated via DMFCO’s own label MUNT Hypotheken. This is realized through a network of more than 2,700 professional intermediaries, including the offices of De Hypotheker, Hypotheekshop  and FlexFront. MUNT Hypotheken exclusively originates mortgages for the fund and the funds’ investors. We believe in the added value of advice, therefore we distribute our mortgages through independent brokers. This ensures that consumers get an optimized mortgage product at a fair price. MUNT Hypotheken offers consumers a transparent mortgage product, specifically because we offer no cross-sell options such as insurances or banking products.

We strive to be the best mortgage provider in the Netherlands. We aim to reach this goal by creating a perfect balance between return for institutional investors and fair and transparent mortgages for consumers


Marieke Hut (Director Business Development)
+31 (0) 70 406 67 13

Dutch Mortgage Funding Company
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The Netherlands