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Bouwend Nederland


Bouwend Nederland, the association of construction and infrastructure companies, is the largest entrepreneurial organization in construction industry with approximately 4300 connected construction companies.  The total construction sector in the Netherlands in  accounts for 4.5% of gross domestic product (GDP) and for production of more than 60 billion euros.  The sector employs over 460,000 people.

Bouwend Nederland unites, connects and supports construction and infrastructure companies.  We are working on a vital construction industry that builds on sustainable renewal of the living environment. We do this on the basis of three key tasks: advocacy work, industry development and management services.

Advocacy work

One of the core tasks of Bouwend Nederland is advocacy work.  In our contacts with national, provincial, regional and local authorities, we try to create, with and for construction and infrastructure companies, such a framework that they can perform in the best possible way.  We also promote construction production under the motto "The Netherlands is not finished".  The association is seen as a serious interlocutor that deals with solutions to social issues.

Industry Development

Bouwend Nederland stimulates the further professionalization of the construction sector by offering programs aimed at the management of construction companies.  We focus on awareness and, increasingly, support of members in applying knowledge in the company.  In addition, we bring our members into contact with new markets and provide access to external networks.

Management service

Bouwend Nederland offers members a comprehensive package of service activities, both in the form of first and second-line advice from our social services advisors and a large number of member benefits, ranging from insurance to business clothing.

Our chairman Maxime Verhagen

‘I want to do my work for Bouwend Nederland together with the members and the board members.’ Maxime Verhagen has been chairman of Bouwend Nederland since July 2013. Prior to his appointment as chairman, he served in such positions as a Member of Parliament; Minister of Foreign Affairs; Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation; and Deputy Prime Minister.

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Mailing address: PO Box 340, 2700AH,  Zoetermeer,The Netherlands

Visiting address: Zilverstraat 69, 2718RP, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Phone: 0031 79 3252252