Investing in Dutch housing

Demand for housing in the Netherlands is strong and increasing. Fundamentals are strong, driven by a growing number of households, economic growth and an increasingly dynamic labour market.

In both the rental and owner occupied market there is scarcity in the affordable housing supply. In the coming years, therefore, many additional homes are needed, especially in the mid-priced rental sector.

Market parties can contribute to the realization of the extra homes and the funding of new mortgages, through their investments. It is important that sufficient funding is and remains available for the Dutch housing market: both domestic and foreign market parties can contribute to this.

In the knowledge base, you can find information about investment opportunities in the Dutch mortgage and rental market. In addition, the Knowledge Base provides useful basic information on Dutch housing and the transformation of office buildings. In our news section we keep you updated on new policies, projects and other news. Please also browse through our case story section for the experiences of other parties who have invested in the Dutch market.