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Existing owner-occupied homes were 6.0 percent more expensive in August than in August 2015. This is the biggest increase in 14 years. House prices have been increasing since June 2014. House sales have increased with 21.3 percent to 132,910 houses in the first eight months of this year.

Fund Investment Management (IM Fund) buys a total of 226 apartments in a new-build location, Holland Park, in Diemen-Zuid. The bought apartments are designated for the non-regulated rental market.

Merius will focus on first-time buyers, repeat buyers and mortgage refinancing. Merius will initially offer non-NHG mortgages. In time, the product range will be expanded with NHG-mortgages.  Funding is derived from a Western European insurance company.

On 1 January 2016, there were over 7.7 million households in the Netherlands, i.e. an increase of 56 thousand households compared to 2015y. The household population in and around the four major Dutch cities grew by 23 thousand, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) says.